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My conclusion

Contain many things that I know when I was SMK students

This conclusion contain many data that perhaps quite bore to read all of it, all data base by my own experience, you should read what you need and understand it well.

I Kadek Alit Sukariasa


Perhaps in my school, pgri3 Denpasar, have the easiest orientation task for the new student, I am sure this era really have a urgent function for the new student, the school need to give more hard task to the new students, in my mind that’s going to make the new students have the good attitude or at least they obey the school rule, but as I see the 1st class now have the better attitude than in my era, I hope school can increase more, as I see others school have harder task to the new students, that’s good, my school need to see it and try to practice it in our lovely school, but better for our school have their limit, not need to do it too hard, for Fourska, better if they have the placement test / PMDK, because if they only see the student from the Last exam score that’s useless, many students who’s have the very fantastic NEM not very good at the many lesson, that’s the real fact, NEM not everything the SMKN 4 need to test them, to know how good they are, this thing certainly make 4SKA have the better student and can make the better quality of SDM, they need to do it through PMDK many of good school like SMA3, SMKN2 and smk3 already do that, so I am sure 4SKA as the best vocational tourism school in Bali can do that, for pgri3, I am sure what pgri3 need is only the serious managements of English debating, we already have the debating team and also the good teacher just like Mr. D, he is very nice teacher, but when I get into the 2st class, the pgri3 have the debating extra, that was really nice, this mean PGRI3 already care about the debating extra, we hope in 3 years we can be the true winner. This is the Debating line in Pgri3 and 4ska, start from Mr. D as the pioneers and I alieth as the student until Wulan’...\E.D.C of 4ska&3griska

o, that’s the structure of debating team that PGRI3 have, actually in this 2009 is the first year for PGRI3 have the debating extra, and I am sure if pgri keep it, it must be a have a very good impact in the future, for the grow of pgri3

For my classroom, hufh that’s a really hard class with so many childish people, hopeless, without any destination and spirit to awake, I am sure if they want to change, they can chase the other school’s supremacy, actually they are quite smart, but they have less of spirit and also mentality of awakening, they can awake from this dark side but if they still like this, they still need around 5 or 3 years to know about this and be able to awake, in the fact there’re no one that won’t change, everyone want to change, but not all of them be able to do it, there are so many factors that avoid them to awake and get the true BREAKTHROUGH it suppose to be their family, friends or the society where they live. They need to awake from this, even if they must left their friends to reach the BREAKTHROUGH I think that still a cheap price than they obey their friends but they get the grey future and not reach the BREAKTHROUGH, so in my opinion for their case, es muy deficil…. That’s really hard to reach the it, they are not ready yet to see the reality and change also their society not allow them to change, so a sad thing if we remember they are the next generation of our country, the country of soekarno our pioneers.

As I see there are few things that we can do to fix this problems such as:
 The teacher need to give them more explicit way to punish them if they are wrong, actually they’re still like a child, they need to be punish, do it with explicit but don’t be too hard, because that can break them.
 Be more serious to the extracurricular such as English debating, basket, etc all of this activity can make them have more spirit in their live and make them far from any negative impact, they can spend their time more in this activity
So, that’s the entire thing that we can do, to make this school better in the future.

here, I am as the member of 1 AP 2, here as I can see, there are so many kind character of people and when I came here, huff… this class so a big problem, here I join for extra in English debating, much of fun I found here and better friends also than what I have on my class, here I see more and more spirit of live, the thing that PGRI 3 not have, I hope PGRI can be better in the future, but if you can control yourself and not get influence by so many bad people here, you are going to get more experience, due to here you can meet so many kind character of people and with all of their problem also, so try to be diligent, here you can train your self, how strong you are with your opinion, and also here proof if you are the true winners, beat the naughtiness and get the breakthrough.
The thing that you need to prepare before try the true mentality and self change challenge here are of course the strong mentality, self confidence, trust yourself and also make a master plan which one inside of it contains the way where you want to walk, the thing that you need to do if something not expected either in the future or in short time, always try to not be too proud here just calm down and be associate with the others, but when you fell they want to take you to the deep dark world, reject them and be quite far with the person like that you still can have many others friend but always remember never forget them, do not be too proud.1 more here when I on this class I have success finished my class on I/A/L/F on sesetan on the level of pre-intermediate 2.
Then about the training era, Here I stand, with so many people not trust me if I can Front office on the 5 star hotel, all of people fell hesitate about it, I have done the wrong tactics here, perhaps this because at this moment I have few of experience, I only send the CV to the Intercontinental bali resort, complicated… I wait for 2 weeks, no news come after my first interview there, then on the third week I start to looking the other hotel, nothing… all reject me, I fell I am nothing, why my friends in the same class on I/A/L/F can get intercontinental??? Then why I can’t??? we have the same skill, everyone say at me the same word “ALIT THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE” at the end… I retreat to my self, I get trainee on the sativa hotel in sanur, not a quite good hotel but doesn’t matter for me, then when the first day here when I came to my home sweet home, ALEX the trainee coordinator of intercontinental send a message to my phone, He say “ALIT BESOK DTANG YA KE INTERCONT BUAT INTERVIEW KE DUA” then I send message is this true??? I still can’t believe this, I call him and he said that’s true.. what a kind of miracle??????? I get the second chance to be able to get trainee on intercontinental bali resort!!!!! I fell so happy, tomorrow I not come to sativa due to I need to undergo the interview on intercont, finally, I passed away!!!! I get trainee on intercontinental bali resort!!! And my orientation start on Monday, moreover I success to get the front office!!! Amazing!!! EVERYONE SAID THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!! But I proof if that’s wrong, I GET TRAINEE HERE ON INTERCONTINENTAL BALI RESORT!!!! IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING..
What you need to be the best trainee are:
Motivation, never let yourself down, say to yourself you can do this!!! Trust your self
Many time there are so many task that you can’t do, you can ask it to your senior, don’t be shy just ask everything that you want to ask, but depend on the condition also and the senior’s character, you need to know and find it
You need to show if you are confident enough, every person have their own way, so find which one suitable for you, for me I like to have chat or just talk with many people, here they are going to see me confident enough to speak up and show my self
Be a diligent trainee, if possible come here and ready on your work place 30 minute before your work time
You need to be very wise with your time also rest time, if the condition crowded, you should rest faster, try to do MAKAN CEPAT!!! Use your rest time as wise as you can
So finally you need to trust yourself, trust if you can do it, see what you have done and see your future say it inside your heart, I can do it! Send your CV earlier than the others that certainly help you I believe if miracle is exist! I believe it
Here I stand on intercontinental, so a warm place to have work, enjoy but still serious, here I get on front office, there are 5 sections:
1. Bellboy
So a nice place here, the senior really welcome to me, the task of bellboy are, to escort guest to their room when they ready to check in, to collect luggage, handling luggage, manage car and boogey, escort guest to some place such as spa, clinic and tennis court, we can take them there by the boogey (golf car), also send newspaper to the guest and outlet in hotel, ex: restaurant, etc also in charge on the airport(Airport Representative)
2. F.O. Administration
Here is the back of the office that belong to F.O. here the task is to up date/fill the guest info. That we find in register card which one already signs by the guest, here also we prepare for the next EA (Expected Arrival) we prepare the booklet, register card, key, and if available in system which one we need to give discount card to the guest, we give it, also we do room blocking here, group billing also, but all employee can do it, include me, tehee
3. Guest Relation Office(GRO)
Here the place to handling check in, the procedure need a fast and discipline worker, that’s why I need to be really careful here, also to do up selling, we promote the higher room rate to guest, only do by the senior due to I am only have a week there, but doesn’t matter, I have know everything here, almost, hehhehe
4. Front desk
The hardest section!!!! I weak in mathematics, but here I need to see a many amount of money and calculate it, but finally I can finish it well, here the task to handle check out, changing money, posting, photo copy/fax, also here have the business centre, where the place for guest to confirm their flight ticket, check for airplane, send fax, post, etc
5. Resort concierge
The nice section, here I need to take care of the guest well, I fell like be their personal assistant, due to the job here are, do courtesy call to guest after they check in, take care the resort / Singaraja concierge, if the guest need some information about hotel and bali of course here can be their information centre, so a nice job to do
laporan trainink smk\My report at intercontinental

then I finish my trainee on intercontinental, in the future I plan to send more and more of smk pgri3 and also smk 4 is student here, to get trainee, to build a new good image with intercont then we can have relation with intercontinental, Then here I stand on the 2 AP 2, I find some new student here, which one come from 2 AP 3, doesn’t matter for me, but the thinf that change here, as I see this class worse, some student getting better but majority just like a kindergarten student they just like a rubbish, they already get trainee but they just become worse, I start to tired with this class, that’s why I choose to be more focus to debating and ignore this class, I also celebrate my b day , check this out ..\..\my lovely images\17th party q
here I find wulan, arik and gung gex they are the first team of debating in this new reformation era, I trainee them well in this 3 months, they already be the same with the smkn4, their skill already become SEJAJAR!!! Amazing so a fast grow of a team, I make a tactic also for them which one called ARGUMENT KILLER, how to make a good argument and the tactics in debating..\E.D.C of 4ska&3griska\debating.docx\tactics
At this time also I make my own calendar, let’s take a look

The others than arg. Killer they need to be able to get the interest from the educator to make the educator understand well what they said, it useless if have a good argument but educator can’t understand it well your argument will be nothing…
They need also not become too emotion keep their selves in a good mood and stabilize condition, well after all one more point that they need to know are, they need to don’t do personal attack to the enemies or at least keep minimalism to do it, it is forbid to do in debating…
But however, all still quite complicated, but I trust them for this October to win the debating competition, so that’s why I start to give them more serious time to practice and improve their selves, they need to learn more about debating, right now my last chance to see them as a winner, good luck…..

In this third class, I really want to get this class (3ap1) then finally I get it, the condition here different…
at least here I would find better condition than the other class some improvisation also happens in debate, I start to lead the younger, he first and second class, we have schedule also the other than extra in Sunday, it really important…they start to grow, adi also be the head class in my class he also start to more concern in his project to give the private English lesson for elementary student, etc it’s good although he no more active in debate but it doesn’t matter.
In lks they get the not quite good result but it doesn’t matter the regeneration is started here and they proof in on the next competition IN EQUILLIBRIUM SCIENCE FAIR in UDAYANA UNIVERSITY DENPASAR, BALI they join in debate competition, I join in pgri team and aya in 4ska here the rule different with lks, the third class allowed to join, the parliamentary using world parliamentary also it command us to spend n8 minute in speaking and also it will be an interruption from the opposite team with their POI (point of interest) they will rise their hand and we can take it then they will give us question or statement(we need to response this if no the score will be decrease, so take the poi when you ready) we can give this also to the enemy when their speaker speak….

Here on the third class also we have the study tour for the rest of third class, who would like to join inside of it. So, then there we are on the study tour right away to jogja and other place in java this study tour separated by two parts, the first was in java and the second was the study tour in bali, in java we have a very impressed moment, actually I like that place, it quite funny over there, but too many skyscraper it was dust for me but if I need to choose I will chose my land, bali.
For the complete of this you can look at
laporan study tour JOGJA AND BALI and ..\..\my lovely images\The 3 ap 1

I planned also to manage the small plastic store that owned by my mom, it was interesting also to test my knowledge about the “wirausaha” how to build my own store manage it and also how to beat my enemies, yaph like that, sounds interesting, I haved promised it with my self,build my own store or “usaha”.
Now day I face ujian nasional, national examination, so hard but I still believe that we still have chance to win and pass from this exam, hope so…
Few of chance and much of worry, but by the bless of the god, we have success to pass the un but we still don’t know whether we graduate or not, such a gambling… if I graduate, unud are ready to be faced off, that university wouldn’t be easy to be beaten off, though …. Finish the un with the score around 41, a good job enough to make me graduate from smk pgri3, than now on here I am, work on pulse counter which belong to my family member . . but not for a long time, than I move to the Warnet which belong to my member family also both of them not close at all to my family, doesn’t matter at all I just collecting some money to build my own store n get to unud, but at this day on 27 of June 2010 ( just 1 week before my test in university of udayana) I watch Mario teguh show which show up how important family is . . at now I realized my self , dad . . you aren’t smart, you are a gamble the thing that I not like at all, you are not have any proper job in my opinion . . . but however dad . . u success in this family you make us happy although sometimes I bored about you, kau telah melindungi kami , ayah, aq kan mengubah keluarga ini, tapi ayah aq kan tetep menjaga apa yang kau wariskan yaitu kebahagiaan, aq berteriak dari dalam hatiq tolong aq nanti ketika aq membesarkan keluargaq,
Tolong pinjamkan atau berikan sedikt kekuatanmu untuk membuat keluargaq istriq dan anak2q kelak bahagia . . aq mohon . . aq memang lebih pintar dan cerdas darimu tapi aq takut kehilangan waktuq untuk keluargaq aq mohon berikan sedikit kekuatanmu untuk membahagiakan keluargaq kelak . . I wayan sukarja the name of my dad . .nama dari ayahq . . . bantu aq kelak . .aq mohon . .. dan dengan semua yang telah kau berikan sekarng aq kan berusaha untuk membahagiakan keluargaq kelak ayah . .
Untuk ibu kau sangadh kuat dan sangadh memanjakanq tapi kau juga mengingatkan q sebuah batasan . . yang tak boleh q langgar aq bukan apa2 tanpa ibu . . bu juga terus menyemangatiq dan ibu aq tahu kau tak sepintar aq dan ayah tapi ibu sangadh sabar . . .dan tak henti berjuang .. .
Kekuatanmu tak terlihat semangadh mu untuk keluarga tiada henti ibu . . pinjamkan dan berikanlah sedikit kekuatan mu padaq kelak aq mohon
Aq kan berusaha demi keluargaq kelak dengan apa yang telah kau berikan sejauh ini ibu . . .. . terimakasih ayah . . dan ibu . . . semua sangadh berarti . . ^_^. . .

..\dad's file . . ..\wirausaha
Remember n love you always my dad n mom . . .

head for unud at this moment gonna find new thing over there, let’s start from searching other 2 at least or 4 team members as well I see there might be much of surprise in unud, keep fast way thing gonna be great at all, well the bad seior isn’t kind of difficult, come on it just few days with them, than we have next 3, 5 years least to rush.. That’s why we shouldn’t retreat by now, at this moment only this kind of stuff in my mind, overall gather the fund for my store is essentials as well, I hope most on mom on this one, Hopefully I get the help from her, ehmm anyway, start from d first day I conduct this document (5/20/2009 Top of the Document )but now is almost year I sure, so I start to grow, 1 year left start from my promise to Mr. Shaufan Husnika about my success career it means 9 years left, 7 January 2019 that was the date I set for my successful career.. Hopefully I can fulfill my promise.

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